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1 What's the price for a moving service?

The price for a moving service depends on many factors, including, but not limited to, type of your property, quantity of bedrooms and zip code. You can always check out our rate plans and calculate price yourself.

2 What will happen if you break my belongings?

If you don't want to worry about moving company breaking your belongings, you should always check your moving company's insurance. LV Moving company has all the essential insurance that you may need and even can offer you to purchase additional insurance to cover all the unexpected losses.

3 Is there any hidden charges?

LV Moving Company has a transparent pricing policy with no overcharges and hidden payments.

4 How many people do I need for my move?

Usually we work on objects with the teams of 2-3 people. But we can help you save more money and make your move faster if you contact our customer service manager so he can calculate how many people will suit you the best.

5 How can I reserve a date?

If you want to reserve a date for your move, just fill out the form on our web-site.

6 Are you fully licensed and insured moving company?

Yes, LV Moving Company is fully licensed and insured.

7 How can I make my move faster?

Contact our customer service manager so he can help you understand how many people do you need for your move in order to save your time and money.

8 I'm afraid to pay too much money for a move, how can I spend less?

Contact our customer service manager.

9 Do I have to give movers a tip?

As usual, tips are always appreciated but they're not a requirement.

10 Do you charge extra for elevators/stairs and heavy lifting?

No, LV Moving Company doesn't charge extra for elevators, stairs and heavy lifting.


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